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Mortgage Types Available:

First-time buyers mortgages
Offset mortgages
Fixed rate mortgages
Interest only mortgages
Standard variable rate (SVR) mortgages

Known Banks & Policies:

Barclays Bank
Cheltenham and Gloucester
Check whether the mortgage you're looking at ties you into buying other products from the same company. For instance, lenders may require that the freeholder has buildings insurance (to cover the cost of rebuilding or repair work to the structure).
There may also be early repayment charges that the lender will charge if you pay off the mortgage early or move it to another lender within a set period.

Current Interest Rates:

10-year fixed rate 4.98% 5-year fixed rate 5.29% 2-year fixed rate 5.29%

Other Fees / Taxes:

Application fee £595

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