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Mortgage Types Available:

VA Loan
Rural Housing Loan
FHA Loan
State and Local Housing Authority Programs
AmSouth's 97% & 100% LTV Mortgages
Community Funds

Known banks & Policies:

Am South Bank
Bank of Louisiana
Provide copy of the fully executed Divorce Decree indicating amount of child support, alimony, or separate maintenance payments, if applicable
Property: Provide copy of fully executed Purchase Contract, signed by real estate agent(s) and owner(s)

Current Interest Rates:

Upon request

Other Fees / Taxes:

Upon request

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Mortgage Findings
Yes, this isn't a bubble this time around. This is simply the normal way home prices rise as supply and demand wax and wane. Right now, there is an incredible demand and that is driving prices up. At least, that's how it is in most of the country.

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