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Mortgage Types Available:

FHA Mortgages
VA Mortgages
Jumbo Mortgage
First and second Mortgages
Bridge Mortgages
Construction Mortgages

Known banks & Policies:

First National Bank of South Dakota
Andes State Bank
Complete signed copy of all divorce decrees, including property settlements, stipulations or modifications.
Proof of receipt of child support payments for the last 24 months (only if you intend to use to qualify for your mortgage loan).

Current Interest Rates:

Upon request

Other Fees / Taxes:

Upon request

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Mortgage Findings
Trinidad and Tobago is known for scams and fraud to the point that we have our own local term for it, "Trickyland". People are advised to ensure they use transparent procedures when conducting business of any time in this country and do not be taken for a ride by thieves and criminals who only want your money but care nothing about what price you will pay for their greed.

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