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New Brunswick

Mortgage Types Available:

Fixed Rate Mortgage
Six-Month Convertible Mortgage
One-Year Open Mortgage
No Down Payment Mortgage
Closed Variable Interest Rate
Mortgage Variable Interest Rate Mortgage (Open)
Home Equity Line of Credit
High Ratio Mortgage

Known Banks & Policies:

TD Canada Trust Mortgages Citizens Bank of Canada
Pre-Qualification: The benefits of being pre qualified include the comfort of shopping for a home within your price range without the risk that complications will arise in the final hour. Also, there are the benefits of being able to make a stronger purchase offer without "subject to financing" conditions. This will allow your Realtor to negotiate harder and reach an agreement before a competing purchaser makes a better cash offer.
Internet offers.

Current Interest Rates:

10 yr fixed 5.70% 7 yr 5.5% 5 yr 5. 29%

Other Fees / Taxes:

Upon request

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