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Barbados Mortgages


Mortgage Types Available:

Residential Mortgages

Known banks & Policies:

Barbados National Bank
Caribbean Commercial Bank
Royal Bank Of Canada

For Mortgage Application:

Agreement of Sale
Copy of Deed/ Certificate of Title
Valuation Report
Copies of Lease Receipts (if applicable)
Up-to-date Land and Building Taxes and Water Rates
Certificate of Compliance
Two Forms of Valid Identification (Identification Card, Driver's Permit/Passport)
Confirmation of Savings/Debt
Job Letter & Recent Pay Slip
If Self -employed, evidence to support Income e.g. Financial Statements for the Last 12 Months or more
Builders' risk and Comprehensive Home Insurance coverage

Current Interest Rates:

An interest rate of 7.5% 100% financing up to 30 years at BMFC and 35 years at BNB

Other Fees / Taxes:

Insurance fees, Legal fees and Valuation fees

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