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Mortgage Types Available

Home Mortgages
Fixed Rate Conventional Loans Mortgage
Pre-Qualify Application Mortgages
Mortgage Loan Application Mortgages
Jumbo Mortgages

Known banks & Policies:

First Arkansas Bank
Arkansas Bankers Bank

If you're selling your current home to purchase your new home, they ask you to provide a copy of the settlement or closing statement you'll receive at the closing to verify that your current mortgage has been paid in full and that you'll have sufficient funds for their closing. Often the closing of your current home is scheduled for the same day as the closing of your new home. If that's the case, they'll just ask you to bring your settlement statement with you to your new mortgage closing.

Current Interest Rates:

30 year fixed 6.125% APR 6.272% 15 year fixed 5.875% APR 6.118%

Other Fees / Taxes:

Upon request

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