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About: This section of our Mortgage Findings is based on a State in the United States of America:


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Mortgage Types Available:

Hassle-free mortgages with 80% less paperwork
Streamlined refinance Mortgages
Neighborhood Advantage Zero Down Mortgages
Neighborhood Advantage Credit Flex Mortgages
Neighborhood Champions Mortgages

Known banks & Policies:

Bank of America
1st Pacific Bank
Pre-Qualify Application Online

Current Interest Rates:

30yr fixed 6.125% 15yr fixed 5.750%1-yr ARM 6.000% 5-yr ARM 5.875%7-yr ARM 5.875%

Other Fees / Taxes:

Upon request

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Mortgage Findings
'I haven't seen something as bad as this'. A REAL estate agent trying to sell a grubby two-bedder in Sydney has delivered a surprisingly honest review. But he's still selling it for a hefty price. Source 3x.

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