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Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgage
FHA and VA Mortgage
Adjustable Rate Mortgage

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First Indiana Bank
1st Source Bank
If you have recently graduated from college, complete college transcripts and copy of diploma

Current Interest Rates:

Upon request

Other Fees / Taxes:

Upon request

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Mortgage Findings
Stock Exchange Closing October 17, 2017
Symbol Time Open High Low Last Trade Diff. --
AMGN4:00pm182.03187.06181.12$186.19+4.29 AMGN Stock Rate
AXP4:00pm91.9492.1091.58$91.69-0.27 AXP Stock Rate
CMCSA4:00pm36.5736.7336.44$36.47-0.14 CMCSA Stock Rate
CSCO4:00pm33.5933.6733.46$33.60+0.06 CSCO Stock Rate
CTXS4:00pm81.7682.1281.27$81.99+0.38 CTXS Stock Rate
HMC4:02pm30.3930.4230.33$30.41+0.00 HMC Stock Rate
DISH4:00pm49.0049.1748.68$48.85-0.18 DISH Stock Rate
EBAY4:00pm37.7637.8437.42$37.49-0.28 EBAY Stock Rate
SLV4:00pm16.1116.1716.02$16.09-0.16 SLV Stock Rate
FB4:00pm174.71176.13174.36$176.11+1.59 FB Stock Rate
NFLX4:00pm200.11204.38197.77$199.48-3.20 NFLX Stock Rate
GLD4:00pm122.03122.32121.73$122.13-0.84 GLD Stock Rate
GILD4:00pm80.0080.7179.56$80.24+0.29 GILD Stock Rate
GOOG4:00pm990.29996.44988.59$992.18+0.18 GOOG Stock Rate
HOLX4:00pm35.9136.8835.76$36.81+0.91 HOLX Stock Rate
HSIC4:00pm81.6882.6481.63$82.45+0.54 HSIC Stock Rate
IACI5:00pmN/AN/AN/A$50.68+0.00 IACI Stock Rate
ISRG4:00pm356.01356.57353.26$355.00+1.45 ISRG Stock Rate
OIL4:00pm5.435.475.34$5.43+0.01 OIL Stock Rate
JNPR4:01pm26.0026.1225.93$26.11+0.07 JNPR Stock Rate
MAT4:00pm15.7415.7715.50$15.59-0.16 MAT Stock Rate
MCD4:02pm164.92166.02164.75$165.40+0.39 MCD Stock Rate
TWTR4:00pm18.3118.4718.11$18.28-0.05 TWTR Stock Rate
USO4:00pm10.4710.5310.33$10.49+0.03 USO Stock Rate
WYNN4:00pm146.56147.32145.80$146.40-0.41 WYNN Stock Rate
YHOON/AN/AN/AN/A$N/A+0.00 YHOO Stock Rate
Source for Information: Yahoo! Finance

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