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I feel like my company Amazon practically nurtures the people who kiss up to managers. Not only is that not frowned upon, but also kicking others down to make yourself look good seems to work really well for people here. I know, because I'm a person who others have tried to kick down to look good. I've watched such people move up even to become managers. I absolutely refuse to lower my inherent dignity and ideals just to move up in a company. Why should one need to make enemies at work just to grow? If such things are necessary then the system in place needs some serious revamping.

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Mortgage Types Available:

Fixed-rate Mortgage
ARM Adjustable-rate Mortgage
FHA/VA Mortgage
Jumbo Mortgage
Lot Mortgage
Construction Permanent Mortgage

Known banks & Policies:

National City
Century Bank
5% minimum down payment
28% maximum housing debt ratio
36% maximum total debt ratio
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) if down payment is less than 20%

Current Interest Rates:

Upon request

Other Fees / Taxes:

Upon request

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