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Central African Republic Sat, 19th August, 2017 - 4:41 pm GMT

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Central African Republic Local Banks & Finance

This simple page relates to Banks from Central African Republic or in other words Local Banks & Finance. You can also check the immense database about Central African Republic Banks:

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Central African Republic Local Banks & Finance News

Stock Exchange Closing August 14, 2017
Symbol Time Open High Low Last Trade Diff. --
AMGN4:00pm170.28172.08169.97$171.67+2.24 AMGN Stock Rate
AXP4:00pm84.7485.6784.72$85.47+1.18 AXP Stock Rate
CMCSA4:00pm41.4841.9841.38$41.90+0.79 CMCSA Stock Rate
CSCO4:00pm31.6931.8931.56$31.84+0.37 CSCO Stock Rate
CTXS4:00pm75.1976.0873.33$75.84+1.23 CTXS Stock Rate
HMC4:02pm27.7327.8127.72$27.74+0.18 HMC Stock Rate
DISH4:00pm58.7459.4658.59$58.72+0.26 DISH Stock Rate
EBAY4:00pm35.4435.4534.88$35.20+0.15 EBAY Stock Rate
SLV4:00pm16.1416.2216.08$16.13-0.04 SLV Stock Rate
FB4:00pm170.09171.08169.29$170.75+2.67 FB Stock Rate
NFLX4:00pm169.80172.45168.80$171.00-0.40 NFLX Stock Rate
GLD4:00pm121.98122.24121.68$121.92-0.87 GLD Stock Rate
GILD4:00pm72.8773.1172.56$72.81+0.41 GILD Stock Rate
GOOG4:00pm922.53924.67918.19$922.67+8.28 GOOG Stock Rate
HOLX4:00pm38.4738.6538.05$38.44+0.24 HOLX Stock Rate
HSIC4:00pm171.55171.95169.07$169.27-1.31 HSIC Stock Rate
IACI5:00pmN/AN/AN/A$50.68+0.00 IACI Stock Rate
ISRG4:00pm951.00967.26951.00$964.56+22.31 ISRG Stock Rate
OIL4:00pm5.115.174.94$4.94-0.19 OIL Stock Rate
JNPR4:02pm27.7127.9627.71$27.92+0.51 JNPR Stock Rate
MAT4:00pm17.5517.6617.36$17.43-0.08 MAT Stock Rate
MCD4:01pm157.45157.90156.46$157.26-0.04 MCD Stock Rate
TWTR4:01pm16.1516.2816.01$16.09+0.17 TWTR Stock Rate
USO4:00pm9.9810.069.71$9.72-0.27 USO Stock Rate
WYNN4:00pm127.31128.47126.78$128.18+2.55 WYNN Stock Rate
YHOON/AN/AN/AN/A$N/A+0.00 YHOO Stock Rate
Source for Information: Yahoo! Finance

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