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He's right and the news would never cover this. There is enough blame to go around. The stupid far right Nazi thug that drove a car into a crowd and killed someone was terrible. He should have said that from the get go. But there were crazy lefties there too who were chasing the other group around trying to hurt them. They actually chased one off the stage at one point. We'll never see that on the news.

And I have a question, when a black man shot four police officers in Dallas and President Obama didn't come out and call that terrorism why didn't the press go bonkers and say you have to call this terrorism? He never called that terrorism. In fact, his Attorney General said what a horrible thing it was and then started talking about how police officers had been killing unarmed black men.

Uhm, isn't that like saying there is fault on both sides? Why didn't the press go ballistic? Why, because they anointed President Obama and gave him a pass at every turn. And now, they hate President Trump because he played them during the election, he made fools of them and their projections when he won, and he calls them out when they misrepresent the facts.

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