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I agree with you… and that is probably one of the definitions of being dumb. I mean, when you think the rules apply to everyone else but you or the consequences only apply to others you aren't that bright. I did crazy stuff. There is no doubt. But I did it all knowing the danger involved and did it for the adrenaline rush. If I had died I'd want my friends not to shed a tear, instead saying he died doing what he loved. These people don't think about the danger and then want us to go running in to save them when that danger or those consequences land on top of them.

Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for this guy and especially his parents. But he made a very poor choice, or possibly a series of poor choices if he was dumb enough to go to a restricted floor and steal a banner, and he paid a very heavy price indeed for his decisions. That doesn't make it right for what the little fat boy who rules there did though.

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