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The neonazis showed up with body armor and rifles. Even accounting for media bias, I wouldn't call a few bats on the other side an escalation. I'll concede the left were looking for trouble, I'll willingly declare many of them should not have done what they did. But the bottom line is nothing they did warranted a literally murderous response.

Regardless, the main problem I have with Trump's second response to this is not that it was technically wrong (Which it was not), it is the context in regard to his other expressed stances. He has made a political career out of blindly ostracizing particular groups that his fans love to hate, and blaming them wholesale for various problems, usually with a blatant disregard to the truth.

Along comes an incident with one of the very very few groups in the world that almost no one would object to him giving the political middle finger to as seems to be his usual bent… and all of a sudden he's calling for people to consider both angles on this?

I have on several occasions heard it said that punching Nazis in the face is more of an american tradition than baseball. For someone who defends and protects the rights of all peoples reasonably consistently, defending Nazis in that regard as well is understandable, difficult to see, but it is a continuation of those ideals. For someone who defends and protects the rights of NO ONE ELSE...

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