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This is a fairly accurate description of what our Special Forces do and the pace at which they do it. As far as the raison d’être for SF, it is to fight our nation's wars and act as a force multiplier. These are missions we do exceedingly well, the issue in the continuing nature of these wars is the manner of enemy we face today and US resolve to actually win. We would need to fight our today like we fought the last major war, as the article calls it, that we won WW 2. It's not the fault of the troops fighting that these wars are lasting, it's how they are being fought.

War is an ugly business and we are trying to make it antiseptic. It's tough to win an antiseptic war because you can't break the enemy's will to resist. In WW 2 we used every aspect of our power to beat Japan and Germany. It was an ugly war and a lot of civilians died. When it was over Japan and Germany were completely defeated, they had no more will to resist… we would have to find the will to fight this war the same war to truly win… in this SF and the military as a whole would excel. The problem is the pictures coming across CNN wouldn't be nice.

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