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Welp, time to start researching ISP alternatives, becuase given their behavior, I know very very well that Suddenlink is going to screw me with this.

Oh, and just in case people are wondering why the repeal of an "Obama era" measure is such a massive problem when we didn't have massive problems prior to 2015. Here's some background:

Internet services were until recently defined under title 1 of the communications act of 1934, Verizon won a legal case based on the premise that the FCC did not have the legal authority to prevent them from regulating internet access in any way they saw fit.

To be fair, their case had merit, the FCC did not have that authority to prevent "Information providers" from doing so. And so the FCC reclassified internet service as title 2, with ISPs defined as "Common Carriers"

With the change, FCC now unquestionably had the legal authority to keep protecting the free and fair exchange of information, and everything has been working just fine ever since. However, if the decision is reversed, we are not going back to the same environment we had prior, far from it. We have never not had net neutrality in this country, now we get to see exactly what it is like without

Other than market demand, which is very much in favor of the ISPs right now, nothing now prevents them from defining what people can access in whatever way they like. With the only caveat being they have to sneak a warning that they'll do so into their user agreement's fine print

P.S. In regards to the claim that the 2015 shift stifled the businesses in question, its an absurd lie, one made patently obvious by the rate of infrastructure investment. (Which has been on a steady uninterrupted climb for over a decade).

P.P.S. The guy spearheading this? Used to work for Verizon, and still has plenty of connections to that company.

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