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That is the hard part of today's news - where the fiction and fact actually start. There are so many bias 'reporters' and fake news sources that being able to tell the truth from the lies has become almost a guessing game. There are no more truly independent reporters on the ground in these areas, just propagandists that have their own agendas both pro and con. Until we can get truly un-retouched information from the reality, we can't be certain what we are told is valid. With all our technology, you'd think that this wouldn't be as hard as it is, but too many governments would rather keep the world in the dark.
The simple fact is that Assad has been using massive force against civilians, murdering hundreds of thousands indiscriminately, just to kill the few hundred who fight his forces. He orders air strikes and barrel bombing (And possibly chemical weapon attacks) against known civilian centers - not military targets. He is using a flamethrower against a spider, and burning down people's houses. He does need to be curtailed.

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