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This opinion is uninformed and narrow-minded. If you are truly a journalist, then you should not ever allow your own personal bias to come into play when reporting on news. When you colour the events with personal bias and bigotry, you deliberately distort the facts to suit them. This reporter claims that Israel is guilty of shooting journalists deliberately, and kills them indiscriminately. The journalist that was killed was flying a spy drone over Israeli forces and was relaying that information to the enemy (Hamas). The IDF shot him after tracking down the controller of the drone and removing his spying. He was not a member of the Press when he aids and abets the enemy that seeks to murder every Jew in Israel, even though he was wearing the vest. He became a valid target by his own actions. When you promote a narrative that doesn't contain the whole story, you are no longer a journalist - you are a propagandist.
A similar example a few years ago was when clearly marked ambulances were recorded transporting military personnel to the battlefields in Gaza. Once formerly protected entities are used for military purposes, they are no longer protected. In this case the IDF did not shoot the vehicle, but they would have been fully in the rules of ethical engagement to do so. Hamas and others of like stripe regularly use civilians, protected colouration and sensitive buildings to house their military infrastructure, and in doing so endanger civilians as only an evil-minded group will. Until these facts are accepted by the world's media, with ample evidence easily obtained to prove this, Israel will keep getting painted as the bad guys by some ignorant (Or stupid) 'journalists'. And, just to be clear, Hamas uses tactics the same as other terrorist organizations around the Middle East do. To them, their 'holy war' against the infidels permits them to do anything, no matter how brutal or unethical, to murder the infidels. They set no limits on their evil.

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