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Cape Verde Local Computers & IT

This simple page relates to Computers from Cape Verde or in other words Local Computers & IT. You can also find many entries in the database about Cape Verde Computers:

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I have written about things like this many times in many Threads around, here is another. Those of you who know my character should also know that I wish for everyone to be courteous so that I may also exhibit the same cordial communication rather than one of an enforcer. Many misinterpret courtesy with agreement or acceptance. Courtesy simply involves being polite or in other words having a little appreciation for the fact that the world does not revolve around you or me and we need civility to get along.

If you do not like something you could simply say "I appreciate the offer but no thanks" and you move on. The opposite would be "Keep your junk and shove it up your behind".

If you want something of others you say, "Please and at your convenience… " instead of "Why the [expletive] are you taking so long, don't you know I'm so very important?"

You don't understand something or its functionality you could do the intelligent thing and say, "I will really like to understand, please explain more about 'x'" instead "It makes no sense, its foolish, its as if a baboon came up with this while eating a banana."

Everyone can learn so much from the most excellent song: Tim McGraw - Humble And Kind.

Of course this applies to anyone that cares. We live in a world where only a certain percentage cares so writing all of this would matter only to such persons. This Topic is for those who still believe courtesy should exist online if it was at all there in the first place.

You see, I come from an era of the internet where the fastest connection was on a 28.8k modem using a limited browser, back then people still exhibited the kind of courtesy that they would in person. Now, with the advent of phones and fast internet people demand rather than request, puff their chest rather than try to understand what is being said, become frustrated rather than slow down and breathe some oxygen… in other words they expect everything (Including other humans) to be as functional as pushing a button on their phone. I have news for all those that think like this - there is actually a real human being on the other side. Someone who may have a life other than the internet. A human that may have the same or different aspirations as you. May or may not have the same struggles than you if not it might be even more difficult for them. Like you, they want to be treated with respect and shown some appreciation for whatever they do for you or communicated to you. Keep this in mind the next time you send communications online - do it with some courtesy.

Some more interesting reading: The Sense Of Entitlement.

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