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At the end of the day a journalists job is to ask the hard questions to try to get the information they need. Everyone knows they can be annoying, it is still no excuse to lie and try to turn them into public enemies. This sets an extremely bad precedent because now whenever the government thinks the media is being inappropriate (Or talking about subjects they don't like) they can just impose some sort of consequence on the journalist which shouldn't be allowed.

I saw the video of Acosta supposedly putting hands on that female, I disagree entirely with Trumps response. First of all, no job should be encouraging you to get up and physically snatch things out of someones hand without their permission. For people trying to use the logic that she was just trying to do her job, I call BS on that. The moment she got in his personal space and tried to get physical and snatch the mic out of his hands, he had every right to defend himself and if people want to say it was her job to do that, then Acosta needs to sue her employer asap because there is NO legal job that does that.

After I got out of the military one of my first jobs was to be a security guard, I was a security guard for multiple sites and multiple types of companies, and at ALL sites I was always told that even if I saw something being stolen in front of me, the most I could do is yell and demand the item back. I was always told that under no circumstance should I be laying my hands on individuals just to get product back. That isn't my job, that's the job of the police if anything. And it isn't that girls job to snatch mics from people, she should have stood there and asked for the mic, if Acosta didn't want to give the mic then too bad. The moment she got physical he could get physical too. His punishment is ridiculous.

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