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ISPs haven't made a move yet, they know people are pissed, and there are quite a few lawsuits in the works over the decision.

The most prominent of these concerns the FCC's legal obligation to take public opinion into consideration. The FCC in the months leading up to this event made it nearly impossible to comment on the issue in question, in a manner that led to many giving up, or falsely assuming their comment was recieved. At roughly the same time, a huge number of comments in favor of effectively eradicating the net neutrality rules started rolling in.

There were around 23 million comments posted, most of which were in favor of the move. Of that total, only 1.8 million of those comments appear to be both unique and valid, the rest are in question due to coming from fake emails, stolen identities (Including from dead people), and/or are form letters sent in by a bot. Someone named Pat M supposedly commented 5,910 times. Of the 1.8 million comments that do appear to be valid, only 24,000 were in favor of the move.

So yeah, it is unclear exactly who is responsible yet, but it appears that someone was just caught massively screwing with us, and there's a storm on the horizon down here. The people who'd hoped to profit from this are laying low for now.

I find it both amusing and distressing that news sources keep linking this stuff with Obama. He had jack all to do with it, these are rules that have been in place since the very beginning.

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