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Let me get this straight. This post is about some Black Panther saying that white babies should be killed. Instead of that being condemned as heinous it isn't even being discussed. White people have done bad things in the past and in the present so it's ok? It is never okay to say that violence is okay. Especially against innocent babies and children.

White supremacists have a high body count? How long ago? 50 years plus? In the past they would have Klan marches with hundreds of thousands of people. They would be lucky to get 100 now. Society has progressed a long ways. It still has a long ways to go. If you can't see that race relations are much better than 50 years ago then I don't know what to say. If the US was just filled with racists why did Obama become president? In the recent past that would have never happened.

Yes there are white racists. There always will be some. It's human nature. There are also black racists that target whites solely because of their race. I'm confident that each year we move forward there will be less racists of all ethnicities. Things are getting better.

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