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Trinidad Local Agriculture

Agriculture is undrdeveloped with a lot of produce still being imported. Technological advances in hydroponics is not widely used. Looks like someone started a topic about this: See Here This simple page relates to Agriculture from Trinidad or in other words Local Agriculture. You can also check the immense database about Trinidad Agriculture:

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Trinidad Local Agriculture News

Pitipi a married woman that was infertile, the husband who have huge plot of land and rich decide to marry another one that manage to give him many children, to cope she adopted a Guinea fowl that make a promise the fowl only come during night time, so she won't be founded and mocked for adopting a fowl, the new wife like to jeer at Pitipi for her infertility and the plot of land given for her despite her inability to have children, the fowl don't like the new wife attitude, and so the fowl bring their friend to eat the new wife crop, but the new wife manage to kill many of them including the fowl that adopted by Pitipi, and so she try to prepare them as dinner after both husband and the new wife finish eating the fowl, from their stomach they heard the fowl sound, in panic, they stab their own stomach releasing the fowl out while both of them die in agony, making Pitipi the sole inheritor of all the husband plot of land and richness.

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