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Except that he's not.

Primary Conservative values: Personal responsibility (Avoids it like the plague), limited government (His administration is more bloated and intrusive than Obama's), free markets (Tariffs and the death of net neutrality directly violate that principle), constitutionalism (The man has violated or tried to violate the liberties guaranteed by the first, fourth, fifth, and eight amendments, and actively and deliberately undermines the checks and balances imposed by said constitution), traditional American values (The man's a walking insult to every American value I can think of) and national defense. (Okay, fair enough, he hasn't overtly screwed this one up.)

The only manner in which he can be said to be truly fighting for conservatives lies in terms of screwing with liberals. That is not how a democratic country is run, the other side of a debate is to be listened to and reasoned with, not treated as the enemy. That latter is the hallmark of various totalitarian governments. Divide the people so that your favored portion is easier to control.

And hey, I am definitely not going to say that the Democratic party is innocent of such abuses. Heck, I thought for a time that Clinton had hired Trump (Who was a long time friend of the family) to make her look good by comparison (I think she'd have lost by a landslide against anyone else the Republicans had fielded that year) But Trump has taken things to a very dangerous level.

I am an independent, and I agree with the Democrats on many things. But except for two years ago, I have voted for Republican presidential candidates every time (And 2 years ago I voted libertarian.) To be frank, I think the only notable Republican figure Trump has anything in common with would be Richard Nixon. And I think Nixon was a saint by comparison.

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