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To be honest I didn't pay too much attention to politics for years. Even in the military I could care less about what was happening at the White House. Unfortunately we now have a dangerous situation which goes even beyond who the President is. Yes the President himself is anti-everything the country is supposed to stand for. However the bigger problem is how such a person could be voted for in the first place. And this line of thinking opens up a ton of information that practically makes one want to despair. The country is being ran by corporations now, they decide who will be in power in the Government. They decide what policies are most likely to get passed. They decide our economic system, our agriculture system (FDA is super corrupt), they even decide what gets broadcast on major news channels. The very news which you take seriously and use to give you context and reference about what is going on in the world, is controlled by the same people that make sure unhealthy fast food is in every city on every block so everyone can get unhealthy and thus be forced to buy into the over the counter drugs that are sold which aren't even real cures because a real cure would put these companies out of business…

When you look at the entire situation from a macro economic level, the country is basically turned to [crap]. Social Security is slowly being phased out, how will my generation even survive past 60 I'm very curious.. It is because of all of these things and more, that someone like me who has never voted in the past has been voting every chance he gets now. I'm not a super hero who can fix everything, or much at all, but if voting helps at all I'm willing to do my part. And that's my take on politics in America today. A country ruled by corporations who prey on the poor.

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