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Stock Exchange Closing October 13, 2017
Symbol Time Open High Low Last Trade Diff. --
AMGN4:00pm182.64183.35182.01$183.01+0.25 AMGN Stock Rate
AXP4:00pm91.5092.9291.26$92.86+1.25 AXP Stock Rate
CMCSA4:00pm35.9236.1635.26$36.01+0.06 CMCSA Stock Rate
CSCO4:00pm33.4033.5733.32$33.47+0.21 CSCO Stock Rate
CTXS4:00pm81.7781.8580.97$81.47+0.17 CTXS Stock Rate
HMC4:02pm30.3230.3230.16$30.26+0.08 HMC Stock Rate
DISH4:00pm48.3748.6447.48$48.38-0.65 DISH Stock Rate
EBAY4:00pm38.3538.5338.16$38.35+0.26 EBAY Stock Rate
SLV4:00pm16.3816.4316.31$16.41+0.15 SLV Stock Rate
FB4:00pm173.45174.65173.20$173.74+1.19 FB Stock Rate
NFLX4:00pm199.70200.82197.19$199.49+3.63 NFLX Stock Rate
GLD4:00pm123.66123.86123.34$123.82+0.93 GLD Stock Rate
GILD4:00pm81.2781.5880.65$81.17-0.13 GILD Stock Rate
GOOG4:00pm992.00997.21989.00$989.68+1.85 GOOG Stock Rate
HOLX4:00pm36.5036.5936.23$36.28-0.28 HOLX Stock Rate
HSIC4:00pm80.3881.1079.96$80.93+0.42 HSIC Stock Rate
IACI5:00pmN/AN/AN/A$50.68+0.00 IACI Stock Rate
ISRG4:00pm363.00365.77361.70$362.29-0.24 ISRG Stock Rate
OIL4:00pm5.365.385.30$5.35+0.09 OIL Stock Rate
JNPR4:02pm25.4325.9225.19$25.82+0.35 JNPR Stock Rate
MAT4:00pm15.6715.8315.64$15.74+0.12 MAT Stock Rate
MCD4:00pm164.45165.51164.08$165.37+1.46 MCD Stock Rate
TWTR4:00pm18.4518.7918.35$18.63+0.18 TWTR Stock Rate
USO4:00pm10.3810.4010.29$10.37+0.14 USO Stock Rate
WYNN4:00pm141.29143.21140.23$142.33+1.57 WYNN Stock Rate
YHOON/AN/AN/AN/A$N/A+0.00 YHOO Stock Rate
Source for Information: Yahoo! Finance

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