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Axolotl (More...)

Fairly large animals, Axolotls can reach about 30cm (12 inches), from nose to tail, and average between 7 and 12 inches. They are dark colored with greenish patterns and sometimes have silvery patches on the back. The Axolotls eyes are yellow and iri

Caecilian - Mexican Burrowing (More...)

Caecilians are often mistaken for large earthworms or legless lizards because they have no legs or tails. They are vertebrates and have jaws and teeth like other vertebrates. Caecilians have a very large range of sizes - they appear as small as 7 inc

Caecilian - Rio Cauda (More...)

Adult Rio Cauca Caecilians average lengths of 18 to 24 inches. Their elongate bodies are brownish black and worm-like in appearance. Some Rio Cauca Caecilians have body diameters of an inch.

Caecilian - Varagua (More...)

The Varagua Caecilian is very distinct and unusual looking. They are limbless and grow to about 30 centimeters (1 foot) long. They have gigantic mouths, accompanied by nearly useless eyes. Their eyes are tiny and completely covered by skin. They have

Newt - Fire Belly (More...)

The Fire Belly Newt is sometimes confused with the Chinese Fire Belly Newt; but these are in fact different newts all together. The Chinese Fire Belly Newt has orange coloring in the ventral area and is usually a darker color over all. The Fire Belly

Newt - Rough Skinned (More...)

By maturity, Rough Skinned Newts can measure up to 8 inches, although the tail makes up more than half that length. With bumpy skin, the Rough Skinned Newt is a dark or light shade of brown or black. Its underside may be orange or yellow. The lower e

Salamander - Barred Tiger (More...)

The largest land-dwelling salamander in existence, the Barred Tiger Salamander averages between 6 and 9 inches. They have dark skin, which has bright yellow or olive green spots or bars on the back and sides. The most common pattern is yellow bars, g

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