Python - Diamond

Scientific Name: Morelia spilota spilota

Fri, 24th January, 2020 - 4:23 pm GMT

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Alternative Name

Scientific Name: Morelia spilota spilota

Basic Info

The Diamond Python is a magnificent snake. At maturity, they reach a size from six to nine feet. Their body color is a shiny dark green to black. As the name implies, Diamond Pythons have a diamond pattern, which runs down their body. This pattern is formed by cream to yellow colored scales on their body.


Many of these pythons fall victim to the 'diamond syndrome', which begins in the early years of adulthood. The symptoms include respiratory illness, very brittle and weak bones, and soft, flabby skin. To prevent this from happening, juveniles need to be given vitamin D, E, and calcium supplements. Diamond Pythons should be kept in temperatures in the low 70's, with a basking spot at roughly 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity should be between 65% and 75%. The substrate should remain dry at all times. A large water bowl for soaking and drinking should also be included in a Diamond Python habitat. Diamond Pythons should be fed rats, mice and other small animals. The Diamond Python can swallow prey much larger than its head, do to the ability of the jawbones to separate. The body can also swell to accommodate large food. Breeding The Diamond Python is an egg layer. To help breeding, the ambient temperature should be gradually brought down to 50 degrees. A basking spot should still be available. After maintaining low temperatures for several months, the temperature should be slowly brought back up, and the male should be introduced. During this warm up period, the male should not be fed. If successful breeding has occurred, the female will shed her skin and lay between 15 and 25 eggs. Eggs should be incubated at 88 degrees, and will hatch in roughly 50 days. Juveniles should be fed pink mice, and will develop color at six months of age. They will reach maturity in roughly four to five years.


They are mostly found in heavy tropical forested areas.


The Diamond Python is a wonderful snake. It is stunningly beautiful and highly desired by snake enthusiasts. Many people consider the Diamond Python as the most beautiful snake in the world. The Diamond Python has a relatively mild temperament. They are a non-venomous snake, and they use their awesome constricting powers to kill their prey. Diamond Pythons spend most of their time in trees, but they do spend some time on the ground, especially to bask. Diamond Pythons should be kept in large habitats with plenty of vegetation and large branches for the snake to climb in. There should also be dark hiding places, as the Diamond Python is a nocturnal creature.




The Diamond Python, or the Morelia spilota, is found in Australia, from Victoria to New South Wales. They are accustomed to a much cooler climate than most pythons.

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