Pionus - Dusky

Dusky Parrot Scientific Name: Pionus fuscus

Tue, 31st January, 2023 - 6:11 am GMT

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Alternative Name

Dusky Parrot Scientific Name: Pionus fuscus

Basic Info

The Dusky Pionus is native to South America and is fairly common in Venezuela and Brazil. They are seen in a variety of habitats including coastal woodlands, savanna woodlands, and forested areas.


The Dusky Pionus may not do well in an aviary with other birds and may be aggressive. They do not do well in cold temperatures, and if they are to be housed outdoors, temperatures should not fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). The Dusky Pionus enjoys showers and should be misted often. Breeding The Dusky Pionus breeds well in captivity, though because so few wild caught individuals were brought into breeding programs supply is still not meeting demand. In captivity the breeding season usually begins in April. The female will lay a clutch of 3 to 4 eggs, which take 26 days to incubate. Babies will fledge by approximately 70 days and are fully independent in 3 months. Some pairs will have two clutches a year. In the wild the Dusky Pionus breeds between February and May. They tend to nest in dead tress.


Coastal woodlands, savanna woodlands, and forested areas


The Dusky Pionus is the rarest of the five Pionus species commonly kept in captivity, though they are increasingly popular. The Dusky Pionus may well be the noisiest of all the different Pionus species, though individuals may vary greatly. In the wild they are often seen in small groups or pairs.They are not heavy chewers, but should be provided toys, so they do not to become bored. Initially they may be shy, but with regular handling they will become quite tame. After taming they are known to be intelligent and quite curious. Males may be more aggressive than females and this should be considered before purchase. x


South America


The Dusky Pionus is native to South America and is fairly common in Venezuela and Brazil. They are seen in a variety of habitats including coastal woodlands, savanna woodlands, and forested areas.

Common Foods

Their diet in the wild has not yet been documented, but in captivity they do well with a varied diet. Fruits and vegetables are a must as well as flower buds, and a healthy varied seed mix and commercial pellets.

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