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Cheju pony

Basic Info

Stands 11 h.h. Predominant colors of the ponies are chestnut, bay, and black and occasionally gray, black, white, cream colored, or pinto. This pony has a nicely shaped head with a straight profile, large eyes, and small ears. The jaw is deep, tapering to a small muzzle. The neck is short and well muscled; the back is short and straight; the croup is gently sloped but the tail is set fairly high; the shoulder is often quite straight; the legs are joints and tendons. The Cheju shows influence of both the Arab and Mongolian breeds.






It is used for riding and light draft. The hardiness and draft ability of the Cheju native pony is outstanding, especially considering its small size. The ponies survive the most severe winters without artificial shelter and are highly resistant to both disease and ticks. Mares foal regularly up to twenty or more years of age. Cheju ponies are able to carry loads up to 230 pounds.




The Cheju Pony originated from the Cheju Province in Korea. These native ponies are on Cheju Island off the southern coast of South Korea. It is assumed that these ponies may have been in this region since prehistoric times, however there is no solid evidence to support this. The Mongolians presided over Cheju Island during the Korya dynasty and it is noted that they imported over 160 breeding horses to improve the local native ponies. This island produced many horses during the Koryo and Choson dynasties and exported them to the Korean and China mainland. Many of the native ponies were also exported for crossbreeding with other breeds.

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