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Interesting choices. I am not quite sure why you couldnt choose both to a degree? Of course you would feel sorry for the children that have been sent to the border (Without parents - if you come with a parent you likely arent getting in). That is part of being human. So yeah, you definitely feel sorry for them.

However, that doesnt mean we have to let everyone into the US. Especially, those that are going to have to be supported by the tax payer for several years. The US is supposed to be a land that runs by the Rule of Law. How can you truly fit in and understand that when your first action crossing the border is illegal? We already have underprivelged in this country now...why take money away from them? What kind of citizens will these illegal immigrant turn into? Why should they (Just because the elected to jump the line) get in before those trying to do it the right way? Is there a limit that we should take - we already have a limit yearly for those legally trying to get in? If we set a number and it gets public, will we be creating a serious situation for those trying to be the number going up north? By letting any illegal immigrants into the country are we actually endangering the lives of those that might be temped to send their children up north on the death train? Are we creating a profit stream for some really bad people?

They definitely arent enemies, but are people that have gotten some bad information about how we do business. So, in my opinion, treat them with kindness and shelter at the border, fill out some paperwork to get a legal immigration going, but send them back home. Additionally, if the country that they are from gets aid from the US, then the cost to send them back to the home country should come from that aid - too many are making money off these unfortunate people.
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