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Oh, Bright Fair One…

Oh, Bright Fair One, at last we have met,
Forever in my memory is this day set.
Great things lie ahead for thee,
So many things to for you to see.
A special time has come for you,
Long awaited for things to do.

Your future has only just started to shine,
I have no doubt things will be fine.
Trials await you in coming times,
Never forget love shared in rhymes.
Oh, Bright Fair One, joyous is my heart,
Your enchantment is a loving start.

A Queen I know you eternally to be,
Your beauty with many layers to see.
Oh, Bright Fair One, what a wonder you are,
Becoming in my sky it’s brightest star.
What is to come, I know not…,
Yet, such things should be sought.

Oh, Bright Fair One, your future bright,
While ever growing your power and light.
I adore you already with tenderness deep,
Dreaming of you even in times of sleep.
I cannot wait to see what is in store,
And will enjoy exploring your very core.

Now, this poem for you have I gifted,
To forever keep your spirit uplifted.
For my soul rejoices at you in sight,
Raising me to new loving height.
Oh, Bright Fair One, know you the call,
Of my heart to your own this Fall?

~December 7th, 2014.

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