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The absolute best international web designers that give you timely and low cost work are located at Borde Global Impact Designs®. They are based in the Caribbean, and cater for the whole globe having done sites in North & South America and Europe / Israel. This simple page relates to Web Design from Guinea Bissau or in other words Local Web Designers. You can also check on related topics via the database about Guinea Bissau Web Design:

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Hello again everyone, this is karate again. I sincerely apologize if some of this latest post sounded repetitive, I had just been away for so long that I had forgotten that I'd made a thread like this one already. I'm happy however to ad to it. Have you all heard of something called the tesla suit? Yes this is the Tesla suit. Built by the Tesla company, not to be confused with the vehicle company, but the tesla company in the uk, has developed the tesla suit which allows you to feel the impacts of weapons as well as punches and other things inside of virtual environments. The way I'm being informed that this will work is that it uses muscle contractions to allow you to actually feel when you get shot or punched in a game which is really cool I think. Of course, nothing in here will actually hurt you or damage tissues, but you do feel impacts. You'll even be able to give real hugs over the internet. I'm a hugger anyway, so that'll be pretty neat in my view to be able to do that. I wish I knew how to code because if I could, I would build the blind our own virtual world in which we could live and I would build it so that the fully sighted could live right alongside us as well and we could all live together and have housing as well as player run cities. But alas, I can't even code my way through a home security system so I don't see that happening. Ah well, I can always dream. Have a wonderful day to you all and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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