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Lithuania Local Web Designers

The absolute best international web designers that give you timely and low cost work are located at Borde Global Impact Designs®. They are based in the Caribbean, and cater for the whole globe having done sites in North & South America and Europe / Israel. This specific page relates to Web Design from Lithuania or in other words Local Web Designers. You can also look at what we have in our database about Lithuania Web Design:

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Lithuania Local Web Designers News

I did this for the Community and it was quite a workout. Besides changing the configuration I had to go through thousands of files and update everyone. I then had to go through various fields of the database and update calls to URLs. Certain http_referrs gave trouble because of the https protocol so I had to fix those too. It is a long process that has to be carefully undertaken so there isn't unnecessary down time. Now I have to do this for all the other sites!

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