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Lithuania Thu, 22nd March, 2018 - 11:36 pm GMT

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Lithuania Weird

This specific page relates to Strange, UFO, Aliens, Unknown from Lithuania or in other words Weird. You can also check on related topics via the database about Lithuania Strange, UFO, Aliens, Unknown:

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Lithuania Weird News

In terms of direct impact? It isn't going to effect you at all.

Indirectly, if things go as I suspect, over time there will be a noted decrease in US based traffic to websites that are not favored by US ISPs, especially anything that requires high bandwidth. Youtube for instance is probably in for a drop. At the same time, there will be an increase in traffic to websites favored by said ISPs, and you can probably expect those companies to start offering new "Exclusive services" now that they can monopolize things.

If asking in regards to this site in particular, I do not expect a notable impact. The US based clientel will probably have slower connections to your site, but the difference shouldn't amount to more than an extra second or two.

Of course, there's a worse case scenario if they decide to push things even further. With this change, this site could be blacklisted entirely, and all your US based people suddenly drop off the grid as far as you're concerned along with the revenue they brought in.

I don't expect them to actually do that sort of thing, if only so they avoid being dragged into the streets and lynched, but the simple fact that they now legally can do so irks me to no end.

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